Semen purchased directly from Pure Beef Genetics is shipped by Pure Beef Genetics or Reproduction Enterprises, Inc. (REI), Stillwater, OK at shipping cost determined when order is placed.

Semen purchased online from Pure Beef Genetics will have a $125.00 flat shipping rate.

Orders ship every week day. Semen must be shipped to a physical address. It cannot be delivered to a post office box.

Semen will be shipped in vapor shippers. Although these tanks are designed to keep semen frozen for up to 2 weeks, semen should be transferred from the vapor shipper to a storage tank as soon as possible to ensure semen quality and avoid potential problems.

Return call tags will be issued by Pure Beef Genetics. Please place the shipper tank where it was delivered. It will be automatically picked up within 2 to 3 days and returned.

If you have any questions, call Heather Marlow at  405-334-2341 or  Email Us.